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2 in 1 Soap + Sponge (For Your Body)

2 in 1 Soap + Sponge (For Your Body)

These soaps will make you want to shower......the soap is built into the sponge which means while you wash you also exfoliate at the same time.  Super awesome if like me showers tend to be quick due to little ones.

Great for waxing clients, ingrown hairs, teenagers, men and anyone after silky smooth skin.

Keep the tone of your skin even with the soap with sponge integrated in two formulated with nacre shell for daily use.

Recommended for all skin types and clinically tested, clarifies, matches and softens your skin.

Its packaging has a pacifier that sticks to the wall of your bathroom so you have it always at hand.


For all skin types
Clinically Tested
Brightens, smoothes and softens the skin
Unique in the market 2 in 1
For daily use


The soap dissolves on contact with water and allows the use of the sponge
Soap made with glycerin
Sponge with soft texture
Light floral fragrance