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Hair Wrap Towel

Hair Wrap Towel

As much as we love taking care or your skin we here at Daily Concepts saw a massive need for your experience with your locks to be elevated as well. So the Hair Towel was born, ideal for taking care of your hair after the bath, shower, gym or during your beauty rituals.

The Daily Hair Towel Wrap helps reduce frizz, reduce hair drying process and maintains the risk of split ends and excessive damage. This hair towel can be used on almost any length and texture of hair. One size fits all. Great for wearing while applying makeup or doing facials too!

*One size fits all.


Wrap your damp hair after your shower routine inside of the Daily Hair Towel. The hair towel has a pouch that makes hair easier to store inside the towel. Use with damp hair for quicker dry or with dry hair for protection and controlling hair.


Store in reusable shower caddy after use.

PRO TIP: Machine wash on a cool to low level heat wash and dry, do not bleach.


What We Love About The Daily Hair Towel Wrap: 

Quick dry
One size fits all
Ideal for every hair texture
Vegan, hypoallergenic and never tested on animals